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  Plants for Paint Colors  
  One of the most important factors in plant selection for around the house is the house color itself. Size, shape and texture are all important criteria but the color of a plant can compliment or contrast with the color of the house. The following chart offers some suggestions for matching plants to paint.
Exterior House Color To ComplimentTo Contrast
Flaming Silver Pieris,
Rheingold Arborvitae
Monch Aster,
Red Barberry
Japanese Painted Fern,
Adagio Miscanthus Grass,
Scotch Pine
Royal Purple Smoke Tree,
Sizzling Pink Fringe Flower,
Red Twig Dogwood
Powis Castle Artemesia,
Morning Light Miscanthus,
Fat Albert Blue Spruce
Diablo Ninebark,
Autumn Joy Sedum,
Andorra Juniper
Bloodgood Japanese Maple,
Blue Ice Bog Rosemary,
Burgundy Fire Heather
Bagatelle Barberry,
Magic Carpet Spirea
Firetail Fleece Flower,
Austrian Pine,
This is just a short list, but it will give some ideas as to what colors compliment or contrast.
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